Scene Study: Making Connection

Winter  2021

Jen has been an award-winning actor, director, creator of theatre, producer and teacher for 30-plus years.

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400 - 1026 Davie Street

Vancouver, BC, V6E 1M3


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This class will offer "connection's" or insights into the similarities and differences between the theatre and film mediums. With a strong focus on Script Analysis and Character Building, students will cover everything from Cold Reads and On-Camera Scenes to in-depth Scene Study with a partner. All levels are welcome.

Class Description below.

** Maximum 8 Students **

Fee:  $540 including GST ($200 to secure a place in class / $340 due first class session)

* January Start: Jan 14 to Feb 18.

* March Start: Mar 04 to Apr 08.

Hours:  10am to 2pm / 4 hours per week / 24 total class hours.