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Janet will deconstruct and demystify such terms as "personalization", "being in the moment" and more, while giving you tools to achieve the authentic, realized work we all strive for. You will build on your previous training and delve deeper into text analysis, character development, relaxation, breath and honest, emotional states of being. The goal of this class is to bring clarity to your own process when working. What works best for you will be the guide that leads each individual actor while achieving the common goal for all; to live truthfully under the imaginary circumstances presented in the text.

4 - 1037 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC, V6H 1E3


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Paid Parking

Behind Scotiabank on Oak & Broadway


with  Janet Kidder

Intermediate Scene Study

Monday Evenings

Hours:  6pm to 10pm / 6 Weeks

Fee:  $575 including GST ($200 deposit / $375 balance)

• September 2023:  September 18 to October 23.
• November 2023:  November 06 to December 11.

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