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Scene Study

Fall 2021 & Winter 2022, Tuesdays

4 - 1037 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC, V6H 1E3


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Paid Parking

Behind Scotiabank on Oak & Broadway

with  Edward Foy

For those looking to strengthen personal emotional awareness and practice empathy for the stories we tell and the people we play.

Looking at the techniques of script, scene and character analysis, applied through practical exercises with monologues and short scenes. Participants will work a variety of exercises, monologues and short scenes to assist in improving the actor's personal process and how and when and why to apply certain tools and techniques. Learning to use the important table work and prep to feed the actor's imagination and empower and free them in the playing of any scene.

Hours:  6pm to 10pm / 6 Weeks

Fee:  $540 including GST ($200 deposit / $340 balance)

• October 2021:  October 26 to November 30.

Signing up for Class:


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** Maximum 8 Students **


Fee:  $550 including GST ($200 deposit / $350 balance)

• January 2022:  January 11 to February 15.
• February 2022:  February 22 to March 29.