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For actors interested in learning to write and create their own work, and for writers interested in deepening their craft and work-shopping their work with actors as part of the creative process. This class offers practical tools to get your ideas out of your head and onto the page. We'll explore creative ways to generate story ideas, and discover structure and story mediums that might best serve them. There is power in sharing your stories, and whether you already have an idea for a script, or are just looking to explore your artistic voice through writing, there is a place for you here. .

Winter 2022, Wednesdays

4 - 1037 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC, V6H 1E3


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Paid Parking

Behind Scotiabank on Oak & Broadway


** Maximum 8 Students **

Signing up for Class:


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Hours:  10am to 1pm / 6 Weeks

Fee:  $415 including GST ($200 deposit / $215 balance)

• Febuary 2022:  February 16 to March 23.

This class is as an extension of the Railtown Lab. For more about the Railtown Lab, click here.

Writing for Actors - Railtown Lab