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** Update August 2021: starting with our September 2021 classes, all students must show proof of being fully vaccinated in order to join class.

Along with health and safety announcements, we have done our due diligence in researching in-person protocols. This information has allowed us to fully operate since January 2021.

A couple links are below for your reference and Railtown is also under the advisement of a Health and Safety consultant.

With clarity & more specifics from the BC Government & BC Post-Secondary Institutions, specifically regarding "Experiential Learning and In-Person Instruction" (including trades training), they advise we can conduct in-person instruction. We are strictly implementing COVID protocols as mandated for in-person learning, as per page 15 in the document HERE.

In brief, Acting is a Skilled Trade and in offering this instruction, Railtown Actors Studio falls under 'Education' and we are therefore governed by the guidelines for Occupational Health & Safety. These precautions allow us to provide the instruction we're known for on an in-person basis. All Railtown classes are adhering to the following Covid-19 protocols:

* Small, scheduled class cohorts (maximum 8 actors using two studios).

* Masks are mandatory at all times, before entering the building and in all areas of the studio.

* Students arrive 15 minutes prior to class in order to avoid delays with COVID protocols.

* Monitoring of individual temperatures on arrival. Please wait in the common building hallway outside the studio doors for your temperature check. There is no access to either studio for anyone with an elevated temperature.

* No outside street shoes on the risers or stage in the scene study studio. If you need to wear something on your feet in addition to socks (no bare feet), please feel free to bring slippers or clean indoor shoes.

* Actors must sanitize before entering either the Scene Study or Film studio areas. Railtown is providing hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for all actors to use liberally.

* Two-meter physical distancing must be observed at all times.

* No snacks or meals in studio, to avoid removing of masks. Students who must bring snacks for low blood sugar or other health reasons may eat in the common hallway during breaks.

* One-person occupancy for washroom use. In the event of a time-consuming line-up, the washroom keys provided also open washrooms on the other floors of the building.

* Thorough cleaning at the end of each class and disinfection of studios between classes.

Click HERE to view the BC Government website for more information.

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