A Scene Study class for those who want to develop a strong foundation in their work or revisit technique with a fresh perspective.  Frank guides actors through essential relaxation and sensory exercises.  Focus then shifts to the elements required to develop and explore the craft of acting, along with text analysis and table work.  The class will consist of using these tools through Scene Study over the course of six weeks.

* This class requires a 6-week commitment *** Maximum 10 Students **Fee:  $540 including GST ($200 deposit to decure a place in class / $340 due September 16)

Dates:  Wednesdays, September 16 to October 21, 2020.

Hours:  6pm to 10pm / 4 hours per week / 24 total class hours

Foundations Scene Study

September 2020

400 - 1026 Davie Street

Vancouver, BC, V6E 1M3


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