Railtown Actors Studio ‍Society Act Constitution

1. The name of the Society is RAILTOWN THEATRE & FILM SOCIETY (the "Society").

2. The purposes of the Society are:

1. To produce and present theatre, film, television, and other art or artistic things, whether live or recorded, digital, analog, or by any other means, and events for members of the community;

2. To promote theatre, film, acting, and other art forms as avenues to emotional wellness and vital living;

3. To provide necessary equipment, production facilities, and/or other resources for events and things produced by the Society;

4. To provide information, consultation, and/or other services to the community as a whole with respect to theatre, film, television, acting and/or other art forms;

5. To research traditional, classical, and experimental forms of theatre, film, acting, broadcasting, and/or other art forms, and other areas involving theatre, film, acting, broadcasting, television, and/or other art forms;

6. To research and explore fusions of new or emerging technologies and/or art forms which are now or will be in the future developing within the community, and to apply this research and exploration to events and things produced by the Society;

7. To promote local, national, and international collaboration between artists and producers in various media; and to stimulate development of new art through the exchange of ideas in workshops, performances, festivals, or other venues, and thereby to enhance the wellness and vitality of the community as a whole;

8. To extend the services of the Society, or to further any other purpose of the Society, by having its members, or some of them, or other people designated by the Society for such purposes, attend from time to time to other communities, provinces or countries;

9. To facilitate communication, co-operation, and collaboration with organizations, societies, communities, and/or other entities whose purposes are similar or other linked or relevant to the purposes of the Society;

10. To procure or acquire such funds as may be necessary for fulfillment of the Society's purposes through voluntary contributions, grants, bequests, provision of services, entertainment, lectures and/or any other means;

11. To enter into any agreements with third parties for the provision of any service required or useful for the furtherance of the Society's purposes, and to negotiate consideration payable in respect of such agreements;

12. To acquire all real and personal property required or useful for the furtherance of the Society's purposes;

13. To generally take and exercise all the powers, rights and privileges in the Society Act (British Columbia) and generally to carry on such activities as the Directors of the Society from time to time deem necessary or useful for the purposes of the Society.

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