** Maximum 8 Students **

Fee: $540 including GST ($200 to secure a place in class / $340 due September 10th)

Dates:  Thursdays, September 10 to October 15

Hours:  10am to 2pm / 4 hours per week / 24 total class hours

Scene Study: Making Connection

September  2020

We're thrilled for this class with Jen, her first at Railtown.  Jen has been an award-winning actor, director, creator of theatre, producer and teacher for 30-plus years.

See more about Jen by clicking HERE.

400 - 1026 Davie Street

Vancouver, BC, V6E 1M3


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WEEK 1:  CONNECT.  We will get to know each other, do exercises to free the nerves, and work on a short scene provided prior to class.  Everyone will be given the same scene and focus will be on making choices that work for you.

WEEK 2:  SCRIPT ANALYSIS.  With new scenes for this session, we will spend time working them on camera and assessing them together as a class.

WEEK 3:  MONOLOGUES.  Having a solid monologue in your back pocket is a must for every actor.  You will find something for yourself from a published play and prepare it fully for this session.  This week's work will be filmed.

WEEK 4:  COLD READS.  We will go through fresh material that I will bring to this session.  We will define how to make choices and go about preparing and delivering your best audition possible.

WEEK 5:  SCENE STUDY.  Paired up with scene partners, you will be provided new scenes from plays prior to this week's session.  You'll have already met with your scene partner before this session, doing script analysis and breakdowns together.  During this session, we will add to the work you've already done by going further with script analysis and breaking it down with me.

WEEK 6:  SCENE WORK.  We will put your scenes up this week, incorporating simple costumes and props provided by you.  We will also film this week's scenes for class discussion.  You will work with your scene partner as much as possible between Weeks 5 and 6.

Full Class Description below.

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