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Edward Foy

Born into a family of actors in Brisbane Australia, Edward has been around and on stage for most of his life. Edward has trained, studied and worked internationally.  A graduate from USQ's actor training program in Australia, with a career that includes Shakespeare to action movies, musical theatre to comedy and Sci-fi, stage, screen, motion capture, and voice. He has appeared on stage in productions including: Beauty & The Beast (The Beast), Jane Eyre (Rochester), Macbeth (Macbeth) and the Helpman nominated Kursk (Australian Tour).

Edward's areas of study and interest include Voice, Movement, Music, Psychology, Philosophy and Martial Arts. Now he's stepping into the world of writing and producing for screen and creating his own new work.Edward has taught internationally using an eclectic mix of approaches and methods, believing that continual "cross training" is vital for actors to discover what works best for them, which in turn empowers them as independent creative artists.

Recent Film & TV Credits include: Supernatural, Sanctuary, End Game, World on Fire, Once upon a time, Robotropolis and Fringe. He continues to pursue training in a variety of acting related disciplines, most recently with Shakespeare and Co in the United States. He is also a member of the Society of Australian Fight Directors, with extensive experience in physical performance.

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