* What's the first step?

The first step before signing up for your first class is to meet with us for a 30-minute interview, a mutual introduction. We set aside this time to allow for any questions you can't find the answer to here on our website, and for you to present a brief monologue that you'll choose and prepare in advance. Paying for a spot in class comes after your interview (how to pay is answered below).

We currently hold all interviews over Zoom, allowing us to keep studio traffic to a minimum which in turn helps us to stay as COVID-free as possible. Zoom makes it much more convenient for you too, as it means you don't have to travel to us. All you need is your laptop and a free Zoom account.

Once an interview date and time is offered to you, it will be up to you to confirm. If no confirmation is received within a reasonable timeframe, that spot will be offered to someone else.

To request an interview, please email us at admin@railtownactors.com. Include PDF attachments of both your headshot and resume (no links or demo reels). If you don't have professional headshots yet, not to worry. A decent selfie that shows the real you is fine too, as we simply want to see who we'll be meeting with ahead of time. Your materials will never be shared outside the studio.

* What is the purpose of your interview / meeting?

We invite everyone new to Railtown to interview with us. This first step is for anyone considering studying with us, regardless of experience or resume. The half hour set aside for your interview is meant to give you the opportunity to meet some of us and to discuss your goals in training with one of our instructors. You'll prepare a brief monologue ahead of time and must be off book as you present it.

Your monologue gives us a chance to see your work, give adjustments, work with you a bit... and that in turn gives you a sample of what it's like to work with us. We call it an interview because it's a collaborative process: in essence, you're "interviewing" us as much as we're "interviewing" you. The most important aspect of this is that it allows us to know which of our classes would suit you best.

* What kind of monologue will I prepare?

Part of your preparation is to choose your own monologue within these parameters:

* It should be brief, no more than one to two minutes at the very most.

* It should come from a published piece of work such as a play or a well-written film or tv show.

* Do not choose something you've written yourself.

* How many times do I have to interview? How much does it cost?

Just once, and there is no fee. We're happy to make the time for it.

* What happens after my interview?

Certain classes will be suggested to you, at least to start with. You might want to sign up right away or you might need a day or two to look through your budget and schedule before making a decision. We'll email you the class info discussed in your interview and once you've decided to sign up, a deposit will be required to secure your place in that class.

* How do I pay?

All class payments are made via eTransfer to our email address below, with the security question and answer specified by us. This info will be emailed to you.

* Can I audit a class instead of doing an interview?

Our interviews are in lieu of auditing. We put a lot of respect into the space, to give our students complete freedom to work, to fail, to discover, and to make mistakes... all without being observed by others not in the class. The interview process is available to anyone considering studying with us.

* What if I'm new to acting and I don't even have a resume?

First of all, congrats! Welcome to this crazy journey with us, how exciting! Everyone starts where you are right now, we've all been there and most of us remember it well. We're right in it with you, because we believe the training and curiosity never stop.

We have a place for just about everyone, whether you're 17 and have 10 years of experience under your belt, or you're 60 and taking your first class. If you don't have a headshot or resume, no problem, just let us know this when you email to request an interview.

* Do you have a COVID Policy in place?

Yes, we do have a policy and protocols in place. We send it out to each class before first sessions begin.

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