‍Railtown Lab   September 2016

An Evening of Unexpected Theatrical Forms

Untitled #1 an improvised play.

Formatted and Directed by Lauren McGibbon

Untitled #1 is an improvised play inspired by the real life experiences and personalities oftwo select audience members. Improvising a narrative of the what could have been, between two people, we see a small window into how people go from anonymous, to our everythings, to nothing yet again.

Untitled #2 a web sourced play.

Created and Directed by Bryan Demore

Untitled #2 is a devised play consisting of five chapters reflecting on the desires and fantasies of Craigslist casual encounter postings. Using real text from Craigslist postings, the show asks if a certain anonymity allows people to pursure their true desires with strangers.

L‍‍AB Untitles Series

400 - 1026 Davie Street

Vancouver, BC, V6E 1M3


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