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Script Analysis Workshop

Spring & Summer 2021

A character is the sum of their choices and those specific choices are informed by the script.

When you first get a script or audition sides, and before any acting begins, a process of text analysis is essential. Breaking down a script. Personalizing your choices. Are your choices an idea or are they rooted in the given circumstances of the text? What is the work that needs to be done before you start to memorize, in studying the script before memorizing your lines?

In this class with Jenn, students will learn (or refresh) the steps to take in order to fully break down and study a script, enabling a more specific understanding of the work ahead of you.

Thorough text analysis allows you the freedom to be fully in the moment, with a strong foundation and emotional map that you can have confidence in.

This Workshop will be on Zoom

** Maximum 8 Students **

Fee:  $100 including GST (full fee to secure a place in class)

* June Workshop A:  June 15 (Tues) and 17 (Thurs)

* June Workshop B:  June 29 (Tues) and July 01 (Thurs).

Hours:  6:30pm to 9:00pm

4 - 1037 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC, V6H 1E3


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Behind Scotiabank on Oak & Broadway

Jenn brings well-rounded experience to her classes as an award-winning actor, producer of audience and critically-acclaimed theatre, as well as being a Script Supervisor and the Managing Director of Railtown Actors Studio.

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