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This class provides a specific opportunity to work in front of the camera in a safe and supportive environment. Students will do as the title suggests, starting with the self-tape process and shifting to an on-set mindset. Various scenes will present different challenges and opportunities to develop and better understand working on film. With text analysis, character development, specificity of choices, relaxation, continuity, eyelines and hitting marks, actors will get a comprehensive, on-camera education.

4 - 1037 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC, V6H 1E3


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Paid Parking

Behind Scotiabank on Oak & Broadway


with  Janet Kidder

On-Camera Class: from Self-Tape to Set

Wednesdays, Daytime

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• May 2024:  May 22 to June 19.

• July 2024:  July 03 to July 31.

• September 2024:  September 11 to October 09

Fee:  $485 including GST ($200 deposit / $285 balance)
Hours:  10am to 2pm / Five Weeks