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Scene Study


Actors will begin with research and text analysis. Once on their feet, they will explore the text using character and relationship building games and exercises. Ultimately the research will live in their bodies and allow freedom and impulse to inform their choices. Freedom of movement, voice and use of space. Carmel’s class will offer students practical skills in keeping their work surprising and alive each time, even under direction.  

This class encourages thinking outside the box and becoming a more generous performer to our scene partner and director. Bringing more of ourselves to the proverbial table is a generous act. As in all our classes at Railtown, the scenes chosen are tools to develop your craft with a focus on process over performance - always.

Curiosity, play and discovery are at the core of Carmel's ethos.

4 - 1037 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC, V6H 1E3


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Paid Parking

Behind Scotiabank on Oak & Broadway

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Hours:  6pm to 10pm / Six Weeks

Fee:  $575 including GST ($200 deposit / $375 balance)

• September 2023:  September 08 to October 13.